Eric Wolske is an artist who uses oil paint and a variety of drawing and calligraphy inks on paper and canvas to explore written language and handwriting. Wolske takes his inspiration from cryptography, asemic writing, calligraphy, graffiti, and automatic writing. The layering and juxtaposition of his wordless constructions create new combinations and residues of written abstractions. A palimpsest. Seeing handwriting as the beginning of the Information Age, Wolske leans forward with an eye toward new technologies such as cryptocurrency and the flow of information across the globe, Wolske finds digital innovation and evolution of particular relevance to his work. “Code is the new writing. Yet its hidden. That idea is fantastically strange,” says Wolske of his inspiration. “The acceleration of code is changing the domain of language. The drawings are a visual stand in for the complexity of language that I see ourselves in.” 

Born in Ohio and based in Sonoma County, Wolske attended Yale Summer School of Art and Music and received his BFA from Indiana University and MFA from Hunter College in New York City.